What are the big questions about life that anyone can relate to? At The Project Room, whether it be a literary, visual, musical, or other artistic event, every program is presented as a response to the current "big question." Within this question, smaller "topics" are identified to bring focus to this theme. Through thoughtful, high-quality, and timely programs, The Project Room shows us all the ways in which creativity is linked to everyday life.

In addition to presenting live events, TPR follows the making of new projects, produces a monthly podcast series, and publishes original writing on its online journal, Off Paper.  

First Big Question:






The role that failure plays in creativity is discussed far less than the inner workings of success. Following the “Solutions” series, TPR turns its attention to the intimidating, yet productive, topic of Failure.

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Solutions is a series about creativity as an act of problem-solving. Is making something always a response to a challenge, issue, or problem of some kind? Is problem-solving different for different types of makers? Do we ever create more problems that we solve in our work? And, is this ever a good thing?

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Many of us who are interested in the arts have listened to makers of things speak about their work after it’s finished. But what if they presented their work right after they first thought of it? Beginnings is a series of events, open studios, and other happenings dedicated to sharing brand new ideas by fascinating creative people. 

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Does an artist need to have touched their work in order to for it to be theirs? Who owns the comments that are posted on a blog? What’s the best way for a group of people to work together? Who gets credit when materials get repurposed?

Authorship is a six-week event series featuring a diverse group of participants who are “makers” of such things as choreography, film, boats, websites, musical instruments, clothing, visual art, and more. The public will be invited to take part in discussions, performances, workshops, and other events that address the importance of being a maker.

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For seven weeks, multidisciplinary artist Mandy Greer will use The Project Room as a transparent and interactive studio. Starting with only the material with which she works, Greer will begin to research and create her next body of work, Solstenen, while interacting with the community. By incorporating hands-on workshops, interactions with guest artists, open studio hours, and other happenings— all which are visible from outside the building—Greer will involve the public in her process at its earliest stage.

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Second Big Question:





As our fourth topic in the "How Are We Remembered?" question, we explore what it means to commemorate events and people from our past and how the

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Throughout the Transformation topic, we will hear from a diverse group of presenters and online contributors whose work speaks to sudden change, different directions, and the mystery of how an artistic thing comes to be.

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How has privacy changed in our lifetime? What value does it have for today’s youth culture? How will legacies be preserved for those who worked electronically? And, how important is privacy as part of the human experience? These are only some of the many questions expected to be raised during this program series.

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How Is Seattle Remembered?

The Project Room presents a unique series of conversations specific to Seattle, featuring guest presenters who have deep roots in the city. Taking a personal approach to our city’s history, this special group of guest presenters will share their stories, memories, and hopes for the city’s future.

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